Our Work

Medical Aid in

 Our Aim is to serve medical support to poverty-stricken and low-paid Hospitals across Pakistan. 
  • Setting up Medical Camps in underprivileged areas
  • Provide medical aid to patients in critical condition who can’t afford the treatment required
  • Deliver life-saving medical equipment/treatment
  • Train and support medical staff with poor medical facilities

Dr Safi Ullah Khan helping deliver the Antibiotics to the ‘Trauma + Orthopaedics Unit” of Qatar General Hospital

The Village of Kachoo, Khairpur Nathan

Free Medical Camps

Our team of dedicated healthcare professional set foot to one of Pakistan’s most deprived areas in the village of Kachoo in the Sindh region. 


From your kind donations, the team could provide medical reviews and the appropriate medications to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged. 


The medical camps were abding with the full standard operational procedures, social distancing and surgical masks. We would like to thank our team of healthcare professionals and local support from the Razia Laghari welfare trust for their efforts in making this possible. 


If you would like to get involved in making a difference first hand, head to ‘Contact’ page to get in contact with us. 

General Hospital - Orangi Town, Karachi

Antibiotic Distribution

We managed to provide an third generation cephalosporin antibiotic – ‘Titan‘ (1 gm per patient) and medical implants for the ‘Qatar Hospital’. 

This medication is used for infected wounds after surgeries and after a bone infection such as Osteomyelitis. 

Pneumatic Drills

On the 9th of February 2019, a pneumatic drill was donated to ‘Qatar hospital’ to the trauma unit to help victims of road traffic incidents in Qatar general hospital.

This was useful to fix the fractured bones, by screwing metal rods to recover the fracture of the victims.

Blood Torniquet

The other donation we have provided for the ‘Qatar Hospital’ is a bloodless field of ‘tourniquet’.

This medical instrument stops blood from oozing out in accidents. 

This has tremendously helped the ‘trauma unit’  

Additional Medical Instruments

ShareForCare have also provided a range of surgical instruments for the hospital: 

  • Single Old Model of ‘Popcutter’ 
  • ‘Wir Cutter’
  • Pin Cutter’ 
  • Reduction Clamp 

Providing Life-Saving Protection for COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

Along with our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal, we have been able to donate Rs 366,698/-  to purchase ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ for all the healthcare workers on the frontline who were unable to afford this. 

To find more about our work in the COVID-19 Campaign:  

Government Hospital ---------- Liaquatabad, Karachi

Supplying Life-Saving Medication

With the help of Dr Tanveer Hussain, we were able to supply life-saving medications in one of the poorest hospitals in the area: 

  • Anti-psychotics 
  • Anti-depressants 
  • Anti-epileptics 


Supplying Medication to Asthmatic Patients in Chest Clinic

Within the Hospital, we were able to support the Chest Clinic by supplying: 

  • Peak Flow Meter
  • Inhalers e.g. Seretide 
  • Preventor Inhalers

Many Thanks to Dr Tanveer Hussain for helping us to make this possible. 

Helping Patients suffering from Tuberculosis

ShareForCare have teamed up with the ‘Britain Nepal Medical Trust’ to push for donations to help provide medical treatment for patients in TB (Tuberculosis) Clinics 

To find more about this organisation: