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What is ShareForCare ?

ShareForCare is a non-profit organisation working for the poor and needy around the globe, specifically for non-affording patients in Pakistan. 

We will look to expand into other deprived areas around the world in the future ! 

As a non-profit organisation, we have put on various fundraising events, campaigns and are also directly providing the medical aid to those in need.

Who we are?

We are a group of doctors, consultants and professionals from the South of England who are passionate about improving health care for the patients who can not afford their treatment.

Our Charity has been officially registered in the UK by the Charity Commission. 

Registration No: 1190078

How do I get involved ?

Annually, our organisation hosts multiple fundraiser events, where you can get involved. Check out the ‘get involved’ section to see how you can help us. You can become a volunteer to help out our team and help us to raise more money on the day. Furthermore, you can donate on our go fund me page. 

Where we work ?

We carry out the fundraising events all over the UK annually to raise money for the under privileged patients around the globe by donating medical instruments. We are based mainly around Pakistan, in cities like Karachi, Faisalabad, Mianwali and Interior Sindh villages near Sajawal.

How did we start ?

This organisation was created as a result of the experience of seeing the vulnerability of underprivileged patients in under developed countries, where there is a lack of governmental support like the National Health Service. In a time, where the world is progressing, it is important that we look at the people in LEDC’s where the health services are expensive, and unavailable to people who cannot afford the price of such procedures, therefore it is necessary that we take action together to combat this medical poverty globally.

What are the main aims ?

To relieve sickness, disease and poverty in Pakistan by promoting and assisting the existing medical care system in Pakistan and by helping needy patients in Pakistan with necessary life saving equipment and medication that they cannot afford to by themselves also by promoting and assisting the preventive care in Pakistan.

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