Medical Aid to Poor Patients
We endeavour to provide medical aid to the patients in critical condition who can not afford their treatment.
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Equipment Training and Support in Hospitals
We provide life saving medical equipments and also support and train the staff.
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Make A Difference !

We as an organisation are working hard to make a real difference to the poor and needy. Your donations are now more crucial then ever....


Find out more about the medical camps we have set up in some of the most deprived areas in Pakistan and how you can donate and help make this possible below.

ShareForCare‘ has been officially registered in the UK by the Charity Commission. 

Registration No : 1190078

What is ShareForCare ?

ShareForCare is a non-profit organisation working for the poor and needy around the globe, specifically for non-affording patients in Pakistan. 

We will look to expand into other deprived areas around the world in the future ! 

As an organisation, we have put on various fundraising events, campaigns and are also directly providing the medical aid to those in need. 

Find more about what we do and how you can get involved below: 




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